Friday 22nd March 6.15pm

C of C Singles

A Field V  W Phoenix

Mixed Triples League

S Druce R Druce P Flatters  V  P Wood ANO R White

Friday 22nd March 8.30pm

Dickerson Fours

N Dunnington A Hodgson LReeson S Whyers  V A Limb A Field C Gill M Tomlin

Monday 25th March 1.45pm

Drawn Pairs

C Jakobsen S Hoyles  V  E Rimmer J Vinter

Monday 25th March 8.30pm

Mixed Triples

K Tointon S Hoyles R Vinter  V  M Daubney P Stringfellow P Flatters

Tuesday 26th March 4.00pm

Over 60's Pairs

B Wilson J Gott  V  B Williamson D Gill

Wednesday 27th March 2.00pm

Club Triples

S Tebbs R Epton S Hoyles  V  M Daubney L Limb M Kisby

Drawn Pairs

J Whyers S Simspn Shaw  V P O'Callaghan P Richardson

Thursday 28th March 7.00pm

Handicap Pairs

R West A Field  V  A Tomlin M Tomlin

Thursday 28th March 7.30pm

C of C Singles

S Whyers  V  I Clark

Friday 29th March 6.15pm

Australian Pairs

A Lims P Stringfellow V S Moore S Hoyles

Friday 29th March 7.00pm

Mixed Triples League

C Dowse N Whitmore M Brown  V  P Wood ANO R White

Monday 1st April 1.45pm

Club Fours

C CLarke M Hewinson J Vinter J Smith V S Tebbs S Simpson Shaw R Epton S Hoyles

Tuesday 2nd April 4.00pm

Over 60's Pairs

S Shaw R White  V  G Scarboro P Flatters

Over 60's Singles

B Wilson  V  C Price

Thursday 4th April 5.00pm

Club Triples

J Vinter P Richardson J Thompson  v  J Sharp S Simpson Shaw J Smith

Thursday 4th April 7.00pm

Club Pairs

D Wilson  Rogers J Cammack  V  C Spencer L Catchpole

Handicap Pairs

M Whyers (J) S Whyers  V  I Clark P Flatters

After Directors Meeting