Friday 15th December 6.15pm

Div 2/3 League Central  v  The Park

C of C Singles J West   v  M Tomlin (s)

C of C Singles R Flowers  v  A Field

Under 18 Singles A Hodgson  v  K Rockall

Mixed Pairs Y Smith I Smith  v  J Richmond K Tointon

Mens Pairs N Whitmore M Brown  v  L Reeson A Reeson

Friday 15th December 8.30pm

EBA Pairs R West S Whyers  v  A Tomlin J West

Mens Pairs M Hippisley A Everitt  v  Ano R White

C of C Singles I Clark  v  C Price

Saturday 16th December 10.00am

National Singles R West  v  Paul Bark Horncastle

Saturday 16th December 1.00pm

Atherley Leicestershire  v  Norfolk

Tuesday 19th December 4.00pm

Over 60's Singles P Sharman  v  B Wilson

Over 60's SIngles D Gill  v  P Flatters

Over 60's Singles G Harris  v  B Woods

Tuesday 19th December 8.30pm

EBA Triples A Field I Clark R Vinter  v  K Tointon P Flatters C Gill

Wednesday 20th December 2.00pm

EBA Pairs C Clarke J Vinter  v  M Daubney J Smith

Friday 22nd December 6.15pm

EBA Triples A Field I Clark R Vinter or K Tointon P Flatters C Gill  v  R West A Reeson J West

Friday 22nd December 8.30pm

EBA Pairs R West S Whyers or A Tomlin J West  v  R Vinter A Reeson

Mixed Triples C Spencer J Spencer C Gill  v  ANO ANO R White

Mixed Triples League P Sharman S Copeland P Copeland v A Warne C Britchford P Flatters

Tuesday 2nd January 4.00pm

Over 60's Singles B Exton  v  B Williamson

Over 60's Pairs B Sansam G Dawson  v  G Scarboro P Flatters

Over 60's Singles R White  v  A Batchelor

Saturday 6th January 10.00am

Denny Plate  v  Alfreton

Monday 15th January 2.00pm

National Over 60's Triples J Thompson  v  S Pratt Sleaford

Friday 19th January 10.00am

Mason  v  Lincoln